Malachi Finstermann

Shallow Dilettante


5’9" 128 pounds. Germanic features, though softened with slavic traits. Cerulean blue eyes and chestnut brown hair. my eyes always make me look slightly tired as if I’d been up a couple hours too long. I tend to dress fashionably if somewhat conservatively, with a clean, immaculate look coupled with a disarming smirk as if whoever I’m talking to and I are the only ones in on the joke of my appearance. Style-wise think Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s characters in movies such as Inception orLooper


Malachi grew up in the Weimar Republic days of Germany. He was displaced during WWII and ended up in America. An itinerant artist by trade, Malachi spent several decades living the good life in SoCal and Seattle before heeding Prince Maxwell’s call for assistance.

Malachi Finstermann

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